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OCEANO Capsule Information

Welcome to the capsule information page!
Here we will tell you all about the capsule technology, what compostability is exactly, and how one should use eco-friendly Oceano® capsules


Oceano® & Compostability

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What are plant based platiscs?

The plant-based plastic in your Oceano® capsule is made from completely renewable resources. In our case this is sugar that comes from sugarcane and sugar beets. Compared to conventional plastic or aluminium coffee capsules, renewably sourced plastics such as PLA constribute to the decoupling of plastic production and thus, drastically reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Worldwide, PLA is therefore known to be contributing positively to supress the swelling problem of mass plastic consumption and waste.

The PLA fully decomposes and is perfectly safe.

Over time, the PLA will decompose and leave behind nothing but natural products, which can safely re-enter the carbon cycle.
Our coffee capsules do not pose any risk to your health, because there are absolutely no toxic chemicals associated with PLA.
More detailed info can be found at this article from the University of Wageningen

Learn more about PLA

Want to learn more about PLA? Download this PDF about the new plastics economy from the EllenMacArthur Foundation, a charity solely focussed on accelerating the circular economy.

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The Greenring™

Oceano® is part of the Greenring™. The GreenRing is a consortium of companies who have redesigned the way we create and dispose of coffee capsules. The green rings on our capsules help the consumer identify the biodegradable product.

What happens with used Oceano® Capsules?

After using Oceano® capsules, we recommend to dispose the capsule in the organic waste bin. Because in that case, your capsules will be taken to an industrial composting plant. Composting at home comes with its difficulties. Finding the sweet spot where the microbes in your home compost pile can flourish can be quite tricky.

By contrast, an industrial composting facility can do this with ease. In their hands, it will take around 12 weeks for the caps to decompose. 

If you throw away your used capsules in the regular waste bin, then they may end up in landfill, recycled, or incinerated. In all three cases, the Green Ring coffee capsule will have less of an impact than the conventional coffee capsules, since it is a Cradle-to-Cradle® product. 

Though, to get the best out of our caps, put your used Oceano® capsules in the bio-bin.

compostability of coffee capsules. Biodegradable coffee cups. Nespresso compatible coffee capsules that are compostable. information about compostable cups

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